April 2009 News!!

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The Jacksonville Dressage on the First Coast show the first weekend in April was really fun! The new horse park is all it should be with great stabling and rings and a fabulous indoor with seating for large audiences. Nora and Jeanie as well as Cindy Rose were entered. Verne drove back and forth two hours from the farm as we had clients to keep riding! Tony finished up his Florida tour by coming second (by a fraction of a point) to Gwen Poulin and the seasoned Much Ado in the Grand Prix. He earned a 81 % on Sunday in the Freestyle! His Florida scores for the Freestyle were 72, 74 and 81%.  Featuring Cirque de Soleil music and choreography by Karen Robinson, Tony’s freestyle is wonderful to see. He loves it, too! Cindy finished up her Florida experience by getting a 67% and her bronze medal!! Congratulations Cindy!! Jeanie was pleased with Weide’s fifth in the Grand Prix. It was a pretty clean test but a little tense in the indoor.

Two days after the show Verne and Jeanie headed North with the first load. After a staight shot of twenty- six hours they blurred home to the New Hampshire farm! Verne rested briefly then headed back to Florida via a one day clinic at UMass and a four day clinic in Southern Pines, N.C. Once back on the Florida farm (no rest for the wicked ) he finished putting the edging boards around the new sand ring. Ouch!! is all we have to say.
Jeanie was excited to be asked to do a clinic at Jamie Fells Tap Root farm in Hinesburg Vt. Jamie has an enthusiastic group of juniors and young adults, many riding our favorites, mares! It was a lot of fun.
Verne continues to have many clients on the Florida farm. He will do another four day clinic in Southern Pines in mid- April and then head North for Nora’s Amherst graduation anda heavy clinic schedule for the summer. Emma has nearly finished her orientation at DHMC ‘s intensive care center. She is also working three twelve hour shifts a week. She was up at four o’clock the other morning to ride her wonderful Maronjo mare ( out of SPS Arielle) before heading off to work. That’s dedication! Things will, unfortunately, settle down soon as she has been making frequent trips to Colorado to see her SO. He is being deployed soon. Please keep him in your thoughts. More time to ride but less time to see her friend!
We have our first foal of the year! Arielle has a really lovely Bretone colt. He is long-legged and very chipper. One of the easiest foalings ever. It never ceases to delight, teaching the newbies to enjoy human contact. This little guy seems to like having his halter put on if only so he can buck around the paddock trying to shake it off!!

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