Anyone who knows us well remembers that Christmas in the Hahn house is a gala affair. The house is decorated with ornaments old and new, delicious aromas fill the air, family arrives to open tribute, squabble, play games and feast. This year the Batchelder side of the clan packed our bags ( and I do mean our BAGS !!), loaded the corgis and horses and drove 26 hours to Florida. Verne had taken a load down in late October and stayed to add five new stalls and beautiful new fencing to the Florida compound. After working like a dog- what a strange expression-have you seen a dog work? maybe working it?- he got to drive back up to New Hampshire to pick up Jeanie and their load of five horses and Dhama. Nora and her friend Anne took Anne’s jumper Ollie, Bahai and stopped in North Carolina to pick up Emma’s horse, Mandy (see photo link of Mandy and Emma). Of course, Nora had her constant companion, the corgi ambassadress, Suma Bear) We arrived to 85 degree weather and a very different landscape. The horses and dogs took to their new digs with out a hitch. Christmas was a very different experience! We decorated a fake ficcus tree, rode our horses in t-shirts and relaxed in our shorts! Verne went to the local antique/junque store and got his women unique and inventive gifts! We spent time as a family before the riders started to arrive. Go to the January/February news to learn all about the ongoing saga which will include scores to nearly 74% and elephants!!

2007-”Time flies” and so did we!! Jeanie and I were both able to go to Germany in November. It was great. We saw old friends and scoured the countryside for horses. Very successful – four horses purchased, 5 to 12 year olds, 2 mares 2 geldings, second level to PSG, $35,000 to $55,000 direct sales to their new delighted owners. Contacts are everything in this process.  Verne just had the opportunity to return to Maine to clinic at Peggy Flanagan’s Rock Wood farm. A super group with some faces from former times in Maine. Emma is back in the Duke area and Nora is closing in on the end of her semester at Amherst. The horses are going great. The youngstock are developing and selling. Christmas is coming and Verne leaves for Florida the day after. We all look forward to the New Year from both “ends” of the country. Take care!!

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