This post appeared on Facebook 01 April 2018:

“Faro SQF, Fifi MLW, and I just completed a successful CDI double header at Global 10 & 12 in Wellington. In large classes, among talented competition, we earned ribbons in every test and finished in the top 3 five times! They both made their I-1 debuts in the international ring this winter and held their own. I am super proud of both of them.

Highlights for Faro SQF include a 3rd place in the I-1 CDI 3* at week 10, a 3rd place in the PSG CDI 1* at week 12, and a 2nd place in the I-1 CDI 1* at week 12 with a 70+% and just a couple tenths off the lead! He also did his first I-1 freestyles this winter, earning a pair of 71+%s and top five placings. I am eternally grateful to Andrea for enabling me to ride this fantastic horse and I am very excited for his future!

Highlights for Fifi MLW include a 2nd place in the PSG CDI 3* and a 3rd place in the I-1 CDI 3* at week 12. We have had some set backs this winter, but we’re slowly getting our mojo back and the sky is the limit with Queen Fifi, so we’ll see where we go!

We’ll be at the farm now for a few months playing more with the Grand Prix work and then, with a bit of luck, we’ll be headed up to Festival of Champions!

Thank you so much to my mom for helping me out tirelessly at the show. Thank you to my dad, Verne, for keeping the farm going so we can come down and try to swim in the big pond. Thank you to Kenn, Celina, Gilberto, and Dean for all you do for the horses at the farm. Thank you to Sally for all of your support in my High Performance goals. Thank you to all of my clients who trust me with their special horses and let me teach them. Thank you to all of the incredible professionals that keep my horses sound and healthy: including Colin, Dr. Varney, and Dr. Tennant. Thank you to the wonderful organizers, competitors and sponsors at AGDF, who make these events spectacular. And a thank you so much to Custom Saddlery (Rebecca, Sharon, and Faye) and Choice of Champions International (Allyn Maix) for sponsoring me with fabulous Custom saddles and supplements that help us perform at the top of our game!”

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