This is just some of the loot from the GMHA June show - Way to go River House!

For a barn that loves to work with mares, it was a bit odd to head to the show with five guys (four geldings and a stallion). However, the River House boys put in some stellar performances at the GMHA Dressage Show, June 17-19, and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Barcelona RH, AKA Banana, (4 y.o. Bretone/Weltmeyer) was a perfect gentleman and a total star at his first recognized show. Nora rode him to wins in both of his USEF 4 Year Old tests, including the qualifier, where he scored a 7.58 (trot 7.8, walk 7.6, canter 7.4, submission 7.5, general impression 7.6) and received very positive comments. This impressive score looks to put him in a qualifying spot for the national championships. Yay Tony babies! This score also gave Nora both the High Score GMHA and CVDA member awards.

Bretone, AKA Tony the Stalliony, (Brentano II/Salut) was better than ever, winning both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special with Nora. In the Grand Prix he won with a 66.383%, earning seven 8′s including an 8 on his gates and Nora’s position and the comment ” wonderful riding and exceptional horse”! In the Grand Prix Special, Tony again brought home the blue on a 67.708%. Once again he earned numerous 8′s on his exceptional canter work as well as three 9′s on his expressive and straight tempi changes – garnering the final comment “a pleasure to watch such straightness!” Good boy Tony!

Farleight (9 y.o. Friendship/Lemon Tree xx) and Nora had a very successful weekend, winning the Prix St. Georges and the Intermediare I and placing second in the Developing Horse Qualifier. Farleight won the PSG on Friday with a 68.553% – earning a handful of 8′s and good comments. On Saturday, he put in a solid Developing Horse Test for a 67.500% and second place, with good comments including “very well ridden, lovely horse!” This score looks to move him up in the national rankings. Farleight really stole the show on Sunday when he won the Intermediare I with a 71.447% – earning ten 8′s and one 9 and the comment “a pleasure to watch”! This score was enough to give Farleight FEI High Score of the day and of the whole show!

Jeanie guided Moleibi RH (8 y.o. Maronjo/Rubinstein I) through his fourth level debut – confidently winning both the 4-1 and the 4-3 and placing second in the 4-2. He received solid scores in the sixties, including a 65.143% in the 4-1. Moleibi’s 4-3 was good enough to earn the Open Fourth Level High Score award on Sunday. A great start at the level! Moleibi got fabulous comments including: “A lot of talent and power”, “handsome capable horse”, “lovely elastic horse, quality mover”, and “quality horse!”.

Wilde Card, AKA Wilber, (8 y.o. by Weltmeyer) did very well in his second appearance at the Prix St. Georges level with Nora. Yes, he is still Jeanie’s horse and she is kindly letting Nora play with him. So, no, Nora hasn’t completely stolen him… yet. Much to Wilber’s dismay, he was the only one to come home from the show without a blue ribbon (everyone else had TWO!), but he put in a solid PSG test and a lovely Developing horse test to earn a 65.921% and a 65.441%, respectively. He earned several 8′s in each test and has really stepped up to the PSG level quickly and easily. Good job Jeanie and Nora – Team Tame Wilber?!

Congratulations to Anne Hennessey and her Mimi RH (Maronjo/Argentan) for their excellent performance at their first show. They earned AA High Score Training Level honors on Sunday, as well as Reserve AA High Score Training Level for the whole show, with a 69.167%! Great job!

Verne also coached many students at this GMHA show. River House congratulates all of them on a great weekend!



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