March 2009 News!

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May 2008*** Jeanie is very excited as Verne will be home from Florida around the fifteenth of the month. Not that he will have time to relax!! He is planning to stop in North Carolina on his way North to give a two day clinic for Amy Bresky and crew. Nothing like teaching for two ten-hour days in the middle of your journey! Later in the month, he will be giving clinics at UMass and Newberry, Ma, at Kathy Feehery’s. Jeanie and Verne plan to attend the NEDA seminar with Robert Dover. It should be very educational and provide a great escape to get reacquainted after a long winter apart. Jeanie and Nora will be taking four horses to Dressage at Saratoga. Nora will be doing freestyles with Amanta and Tony on Sunday so should be a lot of fun. Jeanie hopes to survive riding two Weltmeyers on the track!! She plans to take Wiede out at I-2 and her new guy, Wilde Card, better known as Wilber, may be exciting (in more ways then one) at second level.  We hope you will mark your calenders for June 14th and 15th. We are hosting a clinic for CVDA. Verne will be demonstrating various inhand techniques, using some of the River House youngsters and super stars to demonstrate intro to advanced levels of lunging and inhand work. The clinic will continue with CVDA members practicing hands on with their own horses, in lessons with Verne. Should be very educational and really fun, especially if someone brings a brombie to drag Verne around!! Just kidding.  Nora will be home for three weeks,until after Saratoga. She and Jeanie will be continuing to start the coming three year olds. Jeanie has been lunging them all winter and has thrown Lisa Leblanc up to ride them around on the lunge. Now Nora will finish this part of their early education. We really have a great selection of three, four and five year olds. Good thing as the dollar is so weak in Europe that imports are way out of many peoples’ league!  Nora will be working in the lab again this summer. She has finished her thesis and her chemistry major and will graduate summa. Congratulations!!She has one more semester and will take a number of art courses to complete her second major.  Emma is having a short school holiday. She has been visiting friends in New York and Boston. She and her faithful Corgi, Nettie will head back to Durham to spend the summer back at Duke. She will graduate from the accelerated nursing program in December. She seems to be well- liked by her professors who have been very complimentary and encouraging. She will need to work on the floor for a year or two before continuing with her advanced degree. Emma has her four year old mare a Maronjo from the fabulous Argentan mare Arielle, in Durham. They are hoping to get to a few shows this season.

2007***The business there is really developing nicely. We are in the midst of foaling, breeding and show season now so here we go!! Nora is trying out for The Brentina Cup again so she has had to finish up her year at Amherst and go straight to the shows. She and Bretone just earned a 67% at Intermediaire 2 at Saratoga so they should be “in”, we will see. Amanta, Nora’s 8 year old Alabaster mare, won the I – 1 at Mystic last weekend and the PSG and I – 1 at Saratoga this weekend. Jeanie took Deecie Denison’s new horse “Sebastian” to Saratoga and won the 2nd level Championship with a three test average of 67% and also won a third level class. Deecie just got this horse last December from our November trip to Germany. Verne went to Germany in late April and purchased 5 horses. Three are direct sales to clients and 2 are for our inhouse development program. Clinics are up and running. River Run Farm in Newburyport MA and Chestnut Hill Farm in Germantown NY are the regulars this season. The 20th annual Hanoverian Inspection is here on July 10th. Nora earned her Phi Beta Kappa membership at Amherst College and was announced as the top student in her class. She is working at Amherst this summer on a fellowship grant from Pfizer (along with her horse work of course). Emma starts an Advanced Nursing Program at Duke in NC this August. Sadly she just lost her dog and best friend “Taz” recently.

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