November 2009 News

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We had a full summer as usual! The inspection was a big success with a great party catered by Emma. The food and company were to die for! We had a lovely group of horses and lots of local success. See the latest issue of the Hanoverian News for a write up and photo of Susie Boardman’s awesome mare, bred by Eliza Rutherford. SPS Mijou’s foal was deemed top filly on the day. Micanopy RH by Maronjo, was quite young but still showed off her movement and elasticity. Mijou’s babies often top the inspection. SPS Weltfee had the best colt for movement-he was looking a little awkward on the day,however, Baaron Miller by Bretone (and named for Captain Miller) is absolutely beautiful now with exceptional conformation and movement. We are really enjoying the Tony/Weltfee cross.
As we showed quite a bit in Florida, we did only a few shows up here. Nora got her five year old, Bahai out and took Amanta and Tony to GMHA. They also went to the region 8 championships where they both placed in their individual classes and Amanta was the I1 freestyle champion and Tony the reserve grand prix freestyle champion! Congratulations!!
Our old lady, Greta by Grande has passed on to that pasture in the sky. She was 27 and had had 17 foals, including a set of twins. Greta had two Weinsteins, a Gastronom, a Santano, the twins by Arrian and the rest from Maronjo. Her Maronjo babies were extra special, including breed show champions, high point dressage horses as well as best loved friends. Her Santano, we recently heard, is doing PSG on the West Coast. Her last baby, Maggie, a 16.3 hand grey known for her spectacular extension, has gone to Colorado. The next to last, a petite bay named Mandolin, is owned by our dear, dear friend Lisa LeBlanc and is here for the month of November,in training. Mandolin just did her first flying change!! We are so proud that Greta’s offspring live on. She was our first Hanoverian bought at a dispersal in Canada with Jeanie pulling Verne’s hand out of the air and crying”we can’t afford it!” She came with a foal at foot and bred back.  Greta, when she stopped producing, was one of the last five Grande mares known to still be breeding. (he had 1500 offspring and an enormous impact on the breed-Greta looked just like him- a chestnut, 15.3 hand little power house) Thank you Greta for establishing us as Hanoverian breeders.
Verne and Nora have been on the Florida farm since early November getting things ready for the winter season. Nora has some new jumpers and plans to head to HITS as well as playing Dressage. Emma is with Jeanie in New Hampshire. She is working full time as an intensive care nurse at Dartmouth and moonlighting in the ER at Cottage(when she isn’t baking Christmas cookies and talking to Captain Miller). She is interviewing at nurse anesthetist programs and will know her next step soon.

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