I have been very bad about posting show results on the website lately, so I am going to copy my Facebook post here to get caught up!

As posted on Facebook on December 4th, 2016:

“Great day at Canterbury Showplace with two nice young horses making their show debut. Both 4yo Belatrix RH (Bretone/Weltmeyer) and Fran Cross‘s lovely 5yo dutch boy, Gabby, took home blue ribbons and each scored nearly 71%! Very proud of both of these talented youngsters with bright futures.”

As posted on Facebook on November 12th, 2016:

“Bahai was 8th in the Open Grand Prix Championships at US Dressage Finals this evening. She managed to survive the warmup and was a very good girl

Micanopy also took eighth in the Open Fourth Level National Championship. It was her first defeat all year in that class, Mickey really had a great year!

As posted on Facebook on November 11th, 2016:

“Fifi MLW is National Reserve Champion for Open Third Level with a 72.222%‼️

As posted on Facebook on November 10th, 2016:

“Fifi MLW and Micanopy RH are already rockin’ it up here in Kentucky at the US Dressage Finals! Micanopy RH won her warm-up Fourth Level Three today with nearly a 68% and Fifi MLW won her Third Level Three warm-up test with a 72.6%!!! Hoping to keep the success rolling tomorrow in our National Championship classes!”

As posted on Facebook on November 6th, 2016:

“I just rode Sally Seaver’s lovely mare, Saphron, in her Grand Prix debut weekend and today she took home the BLUE!!! Good Girl!!!”

As posted on Facebook on October 16th, 2016:

“Bahai finished up a fun, successful Region 3 Dressage Championships with a great performance in the Open Grand Prix. We ended up 3rd out of 26 competitors and qualified for Nationals‼️ She really tried very hard this weekend. I am super proud of her and my other ladies, Micanopy RH and Fifi MLW, who all qualified for US Dressage Finals in Kentucky next month. Thanks to everyone who helped make this week possible! Especially my mom – who helped me get all the work done on the long show days – and my dad (Verne) who stayed home to keep everything running on the farm Thanks to my supportive clients… Thanks to Colin for keeping my horses’ feet in top shape… thanks to Dr. Courtney for fixing Bahai this summer… Thanks to Dr. T. for always being available to write a health certificate or fill a horse prescription… Thanks to Deborah for making their clip jobs look fabulous… Thanks to Custom Saddlery for making the saddles I love to ride in… Thanks to Kathy for giving me confidence even when you’re a thousand miles away… and thanks to everyone else that makes what my horses and I do possible


As posted on Facebook on October 15th, 2016:

“Yet another great day for Team River House at the Region 3 Dressage Championships. 7yo homebred, Micanopy RH (Maronjo/Matcho X/Argentan), was the star… winning her large 4-3 class and taking home the Fourth Level Championship title – and qualifying for Nationals in the process with a 69.9%! Yay Mickey! Bahai had to go first in her large Grand Prix Freestyle Championship, but she managed to post a good enough score to hold onto sixth place and also qualify for Nationals! Kentucky here we come! Kasey and Dolly rocked their fourth level 1 debut, taking home second place with some pretty awesome trot work! Fifi MLW just did a brief schooling ride today, but she managed to clock off 5 four tempis and 5 three tempis for the first time at a show – good girl! All very exciting

As posted on Facebook on October 14th, 2016:

“Team River House put in another good showing on day two of the Region 3 Dressage Championships. Kasey and Rebecca both did a wonderful job in their Adult Amateur Third Level Championship – finishing in the top 12 out of 37 competitors! Ladies, you both rode your feisty steeds beautifully in the VERY exciting championship atmosphere! YEE-HAA”

As posted on Facebook on October 13th, 2016:

“Good first day for Team River House at the Region 3 Dressage Championships! Fifi MLW and I went very early this morning at the beginning of a huge Open Third Level Championship class – we put in a solid test for a 71.346% that landed us in 5th place out of 42 competitors at the end of the day. The score is high enough to qualify for US Dressage Finals too, if we decide to make the trek up to Kentucky again. 7 year old Micanopy RH was a very good girl, putting in a nice Prix St. Georges test in another gigantic class – she finished 15th out of 52 horses! Wilde Card/Wilber and Rebecca Lord did a great job in their warm-up Third Level Three class, taking 6th out of 17 Amateurs, with a very respectable 66+%. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!”

Success for Bahai at Tryon Fall CDI:

Bahai did a great job at the Tryon Fall CDI in North Carolina. Taking third place in the CDI Grand Prix and second place in the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle.

As posted on Facebook on July 10th, 2016:

“Hot times for Team River House at the Canterbury Summer Sizzler! Rebecca Lord and Jeanie’s Wilde Card (AKA Wilber) had a great weekend – culminating in Rebecca’s highest Third Level score to date, a 66.026%. She earned two second place finishes, her second Third Level score for her USDF Bronze Medal, and qualified for Regionals – way to go! I rode Anne Clement‘s Bandito RH in the Open Third Level 3, earning a second place finish in a good sized class and his first Regionals qualifying score, a 64.872%. Not bad for his first show in three years and second show ever! Good Boy! Kimberly Logan Hudson rode her own Ami in the Fourth Level Test 1. They put in two solid tests with some real highlights as they work towards figuring out the upper levels – making good progress!”

As posted on Facebook on May 30th, 2016:

“Fun and successful weekend with Team River House at the beautiful Grand Oaks Resort this weekend! Lee Longfield continued working backwards on her USDF medals (she completed her USDF Gold Medal last fall) on the Hanoverian stallion Bretone. This weekend, she took another step towards her Silver, earning the blue ribbon and a 66.389% in her fourth level class! Kimberly Logan Hudson and her very own Ami earned their second fourth level score towards Kimber’s USDF Silver Medal! Rebecca Lord took home a blue ribbon in her third level three test on Jeanie’s Wilber – earning her first qualifying score for Regionals and her first third level score towards her USDF Bronze Medal! Alexa and Ben Pony were adorable, taking home a pile of blues from their training level classes and earning many cuteness points! Woowoo!!!!!!! Way to go ladies =D!”

As posted on Facebook on May 28th, 2016:

“Fifi MLW (Fidertanz/Wolkentanz/Rohdiamant) was a star at Grand Oaks Dressage today. In just her second show at the level, she took home first place in her Third Level Test Three class with a 73.077%! We earned six ’8′s, an 8.5, and a 9! Very proud of her and her progress. Check out the pics of her and the lucky corgis!”

As posted on Facebook on May 2nd, 2016:

“Fifi MLW (Fidertanz/Wolkentanz/Rohdiamont) at her first show with me. Winning her Third Level Test 3 in Tryon, NC. These are just screen shots from the video, but she’s looking pretty snazzy!”

As posted on Facebook May, 1st 2016:

“Team River House had a great weekend at Cinco de Mayo Dressage! It was a bit of a scorcher, but the horses handled it and everyone rode well! Lee Longfield completed her USDF Gold Medal last fall with Bretone (Brentano II/Salut) the Super Stallion, so now she’s working backwards towards her Silver. This weekend she earned two scores towards her Silver in the 4-2 and Prix St Georges, taking home a 1st and a 2nd place finish in the process. Nicely done! Jeanie’s student, Kimberly Logan Hudson, made her 4th level debut with her own Ami. They also earned a 1st and a 2nd and are on their way to a Silver Medal. Way to go! Lee and Michael Benner‘s coming 6 year old mare, Radisson (Rapture R/Riverman), made her Third Level debut with me in the tack. She was a very good girl, earning two nearly 67%s with many ’8′s and positive comments – she should have a bright future! It was also awesome to see Renee Genther and Ben make a very successful Prix St Georges debut together with the help of Tyra Vernon. It’s been exactly one year since Renee purchased Ben and it’s great to see them rocking the tails! Big congrats!”


As posted on Facebook on April 25th, 2016:

“The girls and I had a decent weekend at the CDI 3* and National show in Tryon, NC. We didn’t knock it out of the park like we did in Georgia, but we did pretty well in a big venue. Bahai (Baroncelli/Rotspon/World Cup) and I were both too nervous in the international stadium atmosphere, but we held it together enough to get through the CDI Grand Prix and earn a third place finish in the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle. It was amazing to be there with such talented riders from the US and Canada in just our 2nd Grand Prix CDI. In the National show, 7 yo little-engine- that-can Micanopy RH (Maronjo/Matcho/Argentan) won both the Fourth Level Three test and the Prix St Georges. Fifi MLW (Fidertanz/Wolkentanz/Rohdiamont) went to her first show with me and won her Third Level Three test with nice, big clean changes – YAY! Just got home at 10 PM last night, but I want to get back in there and do it all over again!”

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