Nora and Farleight headed south on March 9th to ride in the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge. Originally they had intended to compete in the CDI small tour, but instead decided to compete in the open show and focus on qualifying for the National Developing Horse Championships again. Farleight was awesome in the FEI Test of Choice on Thursday, where he performed the Developing Horse Test, and earned a 70.294%, good enough for second place. On Friday, Farleight put in a solid Intermediare I test, his second ever completed, scoring a 65.000%. This was good enough for fourth place, which we were happy with considering all of the top four horses had 65 point somethings. In the National Developing Horse Qualifier, on Saturday, Farleight had to compete in the indoor arena, which was all decked out for the World Dressage Masters. He found the flowers, banners, flat screens, etc. to be a bit overwhelming, but he managed to finish the test with some brilliant moments intermixed with moments of apprehension. His effort was rewarded with a 65.588%, earning him second place, just a few tenths behind the leader. Overall, we were very proud of him, as he held his own with the big boys in Wellington. Good Boy Floob Sock!!!

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