With their scores from this spring in Florida, Nora and Tony (the elite Hanoverian stallion Bretone) have received an invitation to the Brentina Cup. This competition is for young adults and involves riding two modified versions of the grand prix (the Brentina Cup test and the Young Adult Grand Prix test) at the Festival of Champions. Tony and Nora will be heading to the USET headquarters in Gladstone, NJ in early August for this event.

Tony and Nora also just returned from a Developing Rider Clinic with Debbie Macdonald at the same venue. Debbie was a fabulous instructor and had many good things to say about Nora and Tony. Nora is looking forward to working with Debbie again before the Brentina Cup.

The trip from Florida to New Hampshire was hard on Farleight, but he still managed to qualify and receive an invitation to the Developing Horse Championships in Illinois later this month. Nora is very proud of him, but she has decided not to take him to the championships this year. She is worried that the 18+ hour drive and the stress of the high performance competition may just be too much for him this year. So, they’re going to stay home and focus on training and maybe go to the Region 8 PSG Championships. Perhaps they can do the Developing Horse Grand Prix next year?!

Nora and Farleight will be heading to CVDA’s Kathy Mann Memorial Clinic to ride with Kathy Connelly next weekend – which should be exciting and helpful. Nora has also been taking Farleight and Tony to get help from Pam Goodrich whenever time permits.

Bahai – Nora’s petite, but lovely mare – won several ribbons showing in the level I, II, and III jumpers at HITS Ocala this spring. Lately, she has been focusing more on her dressage and has been giving solid performances in the FEI 6 year old classes and at third level. Nora hopes to continue training her towards the Prix St. Georges next year, as well as continuing to develop her remarkable jumping ability.

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