River House Hanoverians has officially moved to Florida! On August 30th, the final loads of River House horses, corgis, and riders arrived in Williston, FL to set up permanent residence.  The mares and foals, yearlings, and two year olds are enjoying grazing on the lush Isaac fueled, Florida grass and seem to be happy to be rid of the nasty biting flies of NH.  The competition horses are having a blast being put back to work slowly with lots of trail rides through the fields and live oak hammocks. The arena footing feels great after the summer and it’s been fun to ride out in the big ring again.

We are excited to have  brand new, rubber-lined grooming stalls in the barn. Nora has been working hard on other things to whip the barn into shape, like laying extra mats in the aisles, putting in new wiring to allow for fans in every stall, and much more. Jeanie brought some of her antiques down from New Hampshire, so the Florida house is getting a bit of an old New England farmhouse makeover. Verne is busy working the new hay farm in Greenville, FL to make lots of high quality perennial peanut hay for the horses.

Check out some new pictures of the improvements on the Board/Training/Facility page.

The corgis seem to be happy to be back in familiar Florida. They are thrilled to be unpacking, rather than packing! All three, Suma, Dupper, and Besser, got their belies shaved and are having fun digging dens in the sand and writhing in the grass.

There is still a lot more unpacking and organizing to do, but it’s great to finally just be here! Now, everyone come visit!

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