Nora took three River House horses to the Georgia International Horse Park for the Region 3 Championships in October. All three horses were either born at River House or raised there since the age of 2 months, so it’s very exciting to see their progress!

The star, of course, was the 11 year old mare Bahai (Baroncelli/Rotpon). She won the Grand Prix Freestyle Championship with a 70.9%. She also placed 4th in the Open Grand Prix Championship – punching her ticket in both classes to the US Dressage Finals in Kentucky! Yay Bahai!

Micanopy RH (Maronjo/Matcho x/Argentan), a 6 year old mare, was a good girl in her Open Third Level Championship, placing in the top ten out of about 35 horses. Pretty good for her 3rd show ever!

Bramble RH (Bretone/Glorieux), a 4 year old stallion, was also a good boy at his first ever Regional Championship. He placed in the top third of his huge Open Training Level Championship class with a 71.6%. And he was a great sport in his Open First Level Championship when his bridle broke right before the class and Nora had to sprint across the grounds to grab Micanopy’s bridle for him to wear! He did a solid test despite very little warm-up and going in a bit he’d never worn before! Good enough to be in the top part of the class again with a 69.5%.

Very proud of all out horses! Check out the great pics from WNC Photography…



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