The 24th annual American Hanoverian Society Inspection at River House Hanoverians went off with out a hitch on the 16th of August, 2011. The night before the big event, River House hosted the traditional wine and cheese party for breeders, spectators, guests and the Inspection committee – including  Vanessa Carlson and  Hugh Bellis-Jones from the AHS and Konrad Boeth from the Verband. The following morning, the inspection began with a breed and conformation lecture using EM Weide, a grand prix mare by the late great Weltmeyer, as the model. This lead into the free jumping for the Mare Performance Test, followed by the studbook inspections, the under saddle portion of the MPT, and the presentation of the 2011 foals for registration. River House’s new broodmare, Wait and See (Wolkentanz/Wanderbusch), proved to be the star of the day. Affectionately known as Willa, Wait and See received both the High Score awards of the day for the studbook inspection as well as the Mare Performance Test. Willa earned an overall score of 8 in her studbook inspection – with highlights including 9′s on her walk and trot & 8′s on her neck, saddle-position, foreleg, and overall impression. Willa excelled in the jumping portion of the MPT – earning a 9 on technique and an 8.5 for ability. Nora has been having a blast riding Willa and the mare showed off beautifully in the undersaddle portion of the MPT – earning a 9 on her trot, an 8 on her walk, and an 8.5 for rideability. River House is very excited to see the little red powerhouses Willa and Bretone will produce!

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